Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Joy of Chi Tea

I love the things in life that are so simple, but give so much pleasure.

Iced Tazo® Chai Latte

Venti Iced Chi Latte has become a regular part of my vocabulary lately. I started to worry that Olivia will see a Starbucks as we drive down the road and point and say "Venit Chi". My child won't know McDonald's golden arches, but will know Starbucks' green mermaid!

I have been unable to resist getting Chi Lattes for the last few months. I would say I have at least one a week, it would be more if they were more conveniently located. At $4 a pop they add up, but again, I just can't resist.

I bought the Chi Tea bags from Starbucks and brewed them at home adding half and half, but it just isn't the same. It doesn't have the same taste as my beloved Iced Chi Latte from Starbucks. I had accepted that I will just have to shell out the money for my new addiction.
Chai Full Leaf Tea by Tazo Tea (15-pc.)
I was almost giddy in Smart & Final today on my lunch hour while I strolled the isles aimlessly browsing I came upon this amazing little slice of heaven! (No, I am not being over dramtic!) I never dreamed in a million years that they made the same... yes the exact same concentrate they use at Starbucks and sell it in the store. So of course I grab it up and immediately head to the produce section for milk.

At $4.99 for 32oz of concentrate Tazo Chi Tea I sit at my desk happy as a clam (with a LARGE cup of Iced Chi Latte)! What a bargain! I no longer have to worry about the wrath of Steven when he realizes how much I spend at Starbucks! Who knew tea could simply make my day and not hurt my wallet.

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Stephanie said...

Oh I have been addicted to the iced chais for a while now, I was going EVERY day for a good year- it really is a sickness :)

And I knew they sold the concentrate but I didn't know it was at Smart & Final!! I will be there!