Sunday, June 20, 2010

First Beach Trip

Olivia had her first beach trip! The weather was wonderful. Mom and Dad both got sick while we were there which was such a bummer. We did lots of swimming in the pool which was heated and overlooked the ocean. Olivia just wanted to lay back and hang out. I think she would have gone to sleep if there weren't so many other kids in the pool making a splash.

We finally made it down to the sand on Thursday for just a few minutes. Olivia didn't know what to think about the sand. She just kept touching it and staring at her hands. Amazing! :) I think Olivia's favorite part was going to the toy store with Grandpa and buying her first doll. Grandpa pulled it off the shelf to show Olivia and she started giggling and reaching for it. How could Grandpa say "no"?!? Overall it was a wonderful week! Can't wait to go back with Steve and hopefully spend some more time down on the sand.