Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 1 ~ 30 Days of Me

Day 1 ~ A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

Let's jump right in....

1 ~ I don't think there has been a single picture taken of just me in at least the last year. I think the last one was while I was pregnant. This is the reason the picture of me also has Olivia and Steve. I am usually the one snapping the pictures or I have an adorable baby on my hip. Who can complain!

2 ~ I can't open a Mentos package without eating every last one of them. I was reminded of that little fact today :) Cinnamon is my favorite!

3 ~ My favorite drink (of the moment) is Chi Lattes. Go down a post or two and my obsession is made clear!

4 ~ I am horrible about deadlines. I was recently 2 hours late to a baby shower because I was rushing to finish the gift.

5 ~ My favorite foods are tacos, pizza, and spaghetti bake (my mom is making me one for dinner tonight... I can't wait)

6 ~ I hate exercising! There is no explanation, I simply hate everything about it!

7 ~ I sing out loud, not usually a problem, but I'm tone deaf. At least I have rhythm or so I tell myself :)

8 ~ Don't open any drawers or closed doors in my house because you are guaranteed to find clutter and chaos. I try very hard to keep the parts of my house that are seen by guests clean, but everything else gets put on the back burner.

9 ~ For the first time in my life I have a best friend. I've called people my best friends in the past, but the relationships were never two reciprocated. Either they were my best friend, but I wasn't theirs or it was simply a fake friendship in jr. high. Victoria and I joke that we are in love! She has always been close friends with my husband and we recently, about 6 months ago, decided that we should hang out and our love affair has been going on ever since! Kind of silly, but I love having someone who gets me and there are no judgements!

10 ~ I am a list maker. I think I'm stuck in between Type A and Type B personalities. Let's just call my life organized chaos!

11 ~  I am a non-confrontational person. I hate arguments and stressful situations. They make me very nervous and shaky. I would rather ignore a situation than face it head on.

12 ~ I am a procrastinator, which is part of an explanation for #4. Almost everything gets put off until the last minute. I have an adorable toddler to play with now!

13 ~ I love going in to get Olivia when she first wakes up. She is such a happy little girl and my favorite part of the day!

14 ~ I hate surprises! Did I already say that? No, ok... I was just reminded of that when I received a text saying "I came across something and got it today, but I don't want to give you any clues." What?!?! Then why the F' did you tell me about it?!? Steve doesn't bring home gifts anymore because I always go looking for them. He has threatened more than once that he was going to take something back. For example the pearl necklace he got me last mother's day. :) I just can't help myself... I think it's part of my anxiety and that little bit of Type A personality!

15 ~ And lastly... I have the worst memory. I rarely wear my engagement ring because I take it off to shower or do dishes and I simply forget to put it back on. I remember when I am out of the house and it is too late. I forget dates, appointments, medicine, laundry in the wash, etc. If you say "remember in high school when we..." 9 times out of 10 I won't remember.

So there is a little about me! I hope you enjoyed reading. Until tomorrow...


Stephanie said...

FUN! Let's see...
~I am right there with you on the Chai's, drinking one as I type.
~I also HATE exercising!! With a passion... it makes it hard when being married to a guy who LOVES it :)
~I keep a whole room in my house closed off at all times because it ends up being the catch all.
~It's great that you are non-confrontational and Victoria is your best friend... I think those two things go well together ;)
~I also HATE surprises!

The Clip Cafe said...

Nice to learn some about you!
I am no 11 to a tea! I get really upset and can't talk.
no.13 I am the same - my bubba is sooo sweet :-)
LOL LOL LOL no 8 is me again!
no 5 all sound very yummy to me!!!
I usually take all the pics too :-)