Monday, March 7, 2011

Baby Shower - Diaper Cakes

Making diaper cakes a fun way to customize a shower while also including more diapers to give to the mom-to-be.
I recommend buying Pampers swaddlers in size 1. Other brands have writing or pictures on them. Pampers are mostly white so they give a more clean look. If you want color to show then another brand would work best.
Roll each diaper and secure with a rubber band. Either one band in the middle or one towards the top and one towards the bottom. It simply depends on how you want to decorate the 'cake'. We used a total of 34 diapers for each cake. 24 diapers for the bottom layer and 10 diapers for the top layer.
We used a 6" round cardboard for a template to align the bottom layer of cake. After all the diapers are in a circle, secure with a larger rubber band.
Do the same for the top layer with the 10 diapers.
Using my Silhouette I cut out a border to go around each layer. We used a glue pen and put a dot on each end to keep them together. We also embellished the paper with rhinestones we found at Hobby Lobby.

For my baby shower we used ribbon and it turned out very cute as well!

Stack the smaller layer on top.

Add a few rhinestones to a cluster of hydrangeas and stick them on top of each cake. I've also used fake peonys. Any large flower or cluster of flowers would be cute.

And there you have it. Very cute centerpieces that the mom-to-be will be get plenty of use out of in the months to come.


Natalia Lynn said...

Love the hydrangeas on top all blinged out. Super cute!

Tara @ FabuLESSly Crafty said...

Oh I LOVE IT! that hydrangeas are so cute :)

Following you back, and having fun looking around!

&hearts Tara
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Tammy @ Type A said...

super cute diaper cakes. thanks for following me from the blog hop! i'm your newest follwer too! great to meet you. xx

Beverly said...

Cute diaper cake.. love I found your mushroom recipe.. found you on swap party on Home Maker on a Dime. hope you stop by ..following your blog

Jodi said...

One of the nicest diaper cakes I have seen! Good job! And thanks for the tip about getting Pampers because they're mostly white. I never would have thought of that!

Chocolate Drool and Kisses said...

I love this cake! I wish I had seen it before the last baby shower I went to, I will keep it in mind for the next for sure! I found you on the swap party on Homaker on a Dime, and I am featuring you, hope you stop by.

Flower Photography said...

Soooooooo Pretty!!!

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zerry ht said...

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