Monday, March 14, 2011

Estate Sale Shopping

***I interrupt the regular scheduled baby shower series to show you some fun finds. I have been fighting off a flu bug and enjoying the sunshine with Olivia. The series will continue as scheduled this week. I promise it will be worth it! There will be yummy recipes and my first ever giveaway!!!
Who doesn't love a good deal?!?
I am officially addicted to Estate Sales. Maybe it's because I found some great vintage sewing notions. I'm sure all estate sales aren't as good as the one we hit last weekend, but I am in love! {Ok maybe I'm being a little over dramatic!} But I am very excited about the fun stuff I found!
Do you go to estate sales or yard sales? What about thrift stores?

I used to buy most of my clothes from a little thrift store in town while I was in high school, but I haven't been much lately. Maybe I will have to start venturing out and get up early on Saturday mornings and hit some more yard/estate sales.


Flower Photography said...

I had a couple of years where i was an avid op shopper (became a bit of an obsession!!)

Amy~ said...

Did you stop blogging?