Friday, October 1, 2010

Welcome October!

Here we are, October has finally arrived! I welcome fall bitter-sweetly. Today's high is 94... 94 degrees in October. Where is our fall weather?!? We are also on the countdown for Olivia's birthday! Less than 2 weeks away. Has it really been a year? Where did my dependant baby go? She is now a walking, chatting, teeth cutting, almost one year old! She loves to play and laugh. Her newest thing is pretending to give you something and when you go to take it she pulls it away and runs off laughing. She is also becoming our little climber! I turned around yesterday and she was standing on her piano, of course she falls off backwards pulling the little piano on top of her. It scared her more than it hurt her, but she cried none the less. I picked her up and hugged her telling her that's what happens when you stand on your toys... Not sure if I got through to her :) I am ready for sweatshirts, warm coca, walks in the park with leaves falling and cool, crisp mornings. Here is to a new season and new blessings!

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