Monday, September 20, 2010

Quilting Bees...

I follow a few quilting blogs and love seeing what others are doing and trying out some of their techniques and ideas. I feel like I gain a wealth of knowledge just browsing through their quilt journies. I'm sure most of them don't know how much I gain from them! I could only dream that I will one day have strangers follow me... but for now I'm happy to be in my own little world, quilting along :) A few of the bloggers are in quilting bees and post about them. I have been standing on the outside watching all the fun they have and I am now ready to jump in join! Almost like the first day of school... I have gained the courage to play with the big kids, in this case the experienced quilters! I am ready to put my skills to the test and gain new insight. There is nothing worse than working inside your own parameters and not challenging yourself! So wish me luck as I put myself out there and try to find some bees!

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